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Lost Like the Century
18 May 2008 @ 08:14 pm
Hey guys,

I'm moving accounts. If you'd like to add the new one, here it is:
Lost Like the Century
04 March 2008 @ 09:30 am
Sean and I saw The Most Serene Republic at the Starlight on Wednesday. They were playing with The Diableros. I might have enjoyed the show more if I hadn't been so tired.

The Diableros opened. I had never heard any of their stuff before. The vocals were barely audible over the music. The music though, was quite good. I just wish I could have heard the vocals. I'd rather there be no vocals, than the low murmur of them being drowned out. As I said, though, the music was good.

The Most Serene Republic was really good as well. They didn't blow me out of the park with their performance, but they were still good. Their vocals could actually be heard. I'd heard their stuff before, many times. I've had one of their albums for about a year now, and had been listening to them for a while before that. I tell myself that I don't like them just because they're from down the road, in Milton.

I didn't get to see Jason Collett on Thursday, unfortunately. I was feeling sick and exhausted, so I went home for the weekend on Thursday morning. I wish I'd had the energy.
Lost Like the Century
03 February 2008 @ 08:14 pm
I spent the whole day at Hillside Inside yesterday, with Sean. It was a ton of fun! There were some bands I wasn't too crazy about, but most were really good.

The Weakerthans
Cuff the Duke
The Abrams Brothers
Les Batinses (Didn't make it due to the Thurs-Fri snowstorm)
Martyn Joseph
Tokyo Police Club
Zaki Ibrahim
Shout out out out out
Attack in Black
Roxanne Potvin
City and Colour
Xavier Rudd

It was 10 1/2 hours long, and our night was extended two hours due to a ride mix up, but it was definitely worth it.
Lost Like the Century
07 January 2008 @ 03:20 pm

I'm back at school, and I'm damned happy about it. I was supposed to have two classes today, but Anthropology was canceled and Classical Studies was only 20 minutes today. From the course outline, it looks like its going to be really good. 

Sean and I went to go see The Wooden Sky on Saturday night. It was fuckin sweeeet. It was at this Wine & Grille place (Harlow's) in Uxbridge, and we were definitely the only people who were there specifically to see them. It was rather ritzy, and I felt somewhat under-dressed, but the food was amazing, and so was their performance. The rest of the people in their were upwards of 35 years of age, it was cool. 

Their performance was great. Gavin Gardiner (lead) came out first and did a solo set, which was sweet as well. They played from their 2006 album (When Lost at Sea), and the songs were amazing. I had heard most of them before, but they sounded so much better live. 

Hopefully I'll get to see them again soon!

Oh, and I also got to meet one of Sean's friends, Caitlin, and her boyfriend. They both seem really cool.

Lost Like the Century
04 December 2007 @ 05:13 pm

So, who has heard of Wintersleep?

Not too many of you, I assume. They're an indie rock band from Halifax. When I was given their CD about six months ago, I was in awe. I fell in love, no joke. I finally got to see them a few weeks ago, back in November. They're Cds astounded me. Shocked me into silence. But their live show? Holy metling! I was speechless. I couldn't say (or scream) anything during their 1 1/2 long set. All I could do was stand there - probably swaying a fair bit. Even now, thinking of it gives me shivers, they were that good. 

They played with Wooden Stars and the Sourkeys. The Sourkeys were pretty good too. It was their last show. I had never been impressed by their music before, but I had never seen them live before. I think it was really their energy that I was drawn to. I was relatively unimpressed by Wooden Stars. I had their Cd, 'People are Different' and I quite like it, but their performance was lacking. The vocals were quiet, and more spoken than sung. It was hard to recognize the songs. 

Nevertheless, the show was amazing, and I still owe someone money for my ticket. I should get on that.

Lost Like the Century
25 November 2007 @ 12:19 am
 Most is friend's only, comment to be added.